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Clinical Trial

PrE0905: Randomized Trial of Gilteritinib vs Midostaurin in FLT3 Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Your doctor has confirmed that you have FLT3 mutated acute myeloid leukemia (AML. Acute myeloid leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. It affects a group of white blood cells called the myeloid cells, which normally develop into the various types of mature blood cells, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Approximately one third of patients with AML have this mutation, or change, in the FLT3 gene. This gene helps leukemia cells grow faster and may affect how patients respond to treatment. The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of gilteritinib to midostaurin in patients receiving standard combination chemotherapy for FLT3 AML. You will be randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to one of two drug (gilteritinib or midostaurin).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility: Patients between 18 years of age and 70 years of age Patient undergoing a bone marrow biopsy with posibility or known diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) Patients positive for FLT3 mutated AML Willingness to provide mandatory bone marrow and blood samples for research Patients must have adequate organ function Patients may not participate in any other therapeutic clinical trials

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    Kelly Jenkins, RN, MSN, CNL

    (706) 721-1206