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What my Mother and I Donít Talk About: Utilizing a Virtual Book Club to Increase Communication Among African American and Black Women

Mother-daughter relationships can be complex. Little research has been performed with Black or African American mother-daughter relationships; however, the impact has been shown on the development of Black and African American women's self-esteem, resilience, and coping strategies. Various factors including emotional dynamics, oppression and discrimination faced by Black and African American women, and the collectivistic values shared through the Black and African American community impact this relationship in significant ways not experienced by mother-daughter relationships for white women. Black feminist thought, a theory which incorporates the oppression and dynamics experienced by Black women, serves as a foundation for women to better understand and connect through universally shared experiences. By allowing Black and African American women to come together in a collective and connective way through a weekly book club may increase communication and dialogue in deeper and more meaningful ways between these participants and each other, other African American or Black women, and their mothers. Reading a collection of stories highlighting these disparities in communication from a diverse array of female authors, discussing in an online forum, and connecting through conversations they might not otherwise have is the goal for this study.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Identify as female 18 years of age or above Ability to participate in online meeting group six times over the course of eight weeks Ability to read and or engage via listening to the book, What my Mother and I Don't Talk About, edited by Michele Filgate (2019)

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    Meredith Anne Rausch