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Clinical Trial

Understanding the Challenges of Reentry

To accomplish my research goals, I will gather qualitative data using a qualitative interview based case study. Participants will be gathered to participate in a semi-structured interview using convenience sampling to obtain maximum variability. The interviews will consist of open-ended questions in effort to collect qualitative data on the experiences of parolees during their reentry processes. The interviews will be conducted in a mutually agreed private meeting space. Meetings will occur in a secure, quiet location for recording purposes. Once all interviews are completed and transcribed, I will be coding the interviews by identifying keywords and themes to ensure cohesiveness of the analysis. Finally, I will write my analysis which will connect identified themes to my research question and literature review. Afterwards, I will write a literature review and complete my thesis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Subjects must meet the following criteria: - Be at least eighteen years of age - Have served on parole at some point in their life - Consent to participate - Understand and speak English fluently Subjects will be immediately excluded for the following: - Serving parole for which they were convicted of a violent offense - Serving parole for which they were convicted of a sexual offense There will be no restrictions on age, gender, religion or ethnicity. I will leave the guidelines open to parolees who have and have not reoffended.

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    Harper Hinson

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