The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) serves as the initial point of contact and centralized coordinating office for all clinical research conducted within the Augusta University Health System.

Our mission is to facilitate clinical research by providing quality services, solutions, innovative leadership, the promotion of collaboration, and continuous quality improvement. Our operation is based upon a comprehensive "One Stop Shop" concept for investigators and sponsors. The Clinical Trials Office provides oversight and management of clinical studies.

Dr. Diamond and associates

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Clinical Trials Office


AU Medical Center, RM 7309

1120 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30912


Our Services


  • Provides an initial review and analysis of industry-sponsored research studies.
  • Projects ready for institutional approval are entered into a campus wide tracking system. 
  • Single contact point for investigators, clinical research staff, and corporate sponsors.
  • Initial review of Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreement, Material Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements
  • Clearinghouse for current and potential clinical research projects
  • Initial review and analysis of proposed protocols and budgets
  • Tracking of each clinical research project through the approval process
  • Liaison services between investigators and other Augusta University offices that work with clinical research
  • Access to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia Research Unit (CRU).
  • Budget preparation and Contract/Budget negotiation
  • IRB Application and Informed Consent document assistance
  • Patient screening and recruitment
  • Study coordination
  • Patient visit and procedure scheduling
  • Licensed staff to conduct procedures and monitor patient health
  • Financial management of study accounts
  • Case Report Form completion
  • Clinical trial regulatory material preparation and maintenance
  • Space and equipment to conduct research
  • All studies conducted in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Good Clinical Practices, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and institutional policies
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Clinical Trials Office has a dedicated outpatient facility for research study visits located at 1521 Pope Avenue on the Health Sciences Campus. This facility offers:

  • Phlebotomy room
  • Procedure rooms
  • Approved BSL2 laboratory (-20 freezer, and temperature-controlled centrifuges)
  • Patient and Family Education and resources
  • Clinical Research Monitoring area
  • Accessible building with all patient areas on the ground floor and free curbside parking
  • Ultra-sonography services for OB/GYN research patients/participants

Our Staff

photo of Carol Smith, RN, CCRC

Carol Smith, RN, CCRC

  • Director, Clinical Trials Office & Research Nurse Clinician
  • Cardiology and Neurology Studies


photo of Lillian Samundsen, MBA

Lillian Samundsen, MBA

  • Director, Clinical & Translational Sciences/CTO Finance


photo of Kit Guinan, BS, BA, ARDMS

Kit Guinan, BS, BA, ARDMS

  • Research Manager
  • Regulatory Submissions, and OB/GYN Ultrasonography


photo of Aileen Lopez

Aileen Lopez

  • Clinical Trials Manager


photo of Sara Smith

Sara Smith

  • Clinical Trials Manager


photo of Vacant


  • Clinical Trials Manager


photo of Jennifer Adams, BBA

Jennifer Adams, BBA

  • Business Operations Specialist


photo of Yvonne Booker

Yvonne Booker

  • Business Operations Specialist


photo of Victoria Cave

Victoria Cave

  • Office Specialist


photo of Sharon Willing

Sharon Willing

  • Research Support Assistant


photo of Michelle Collins, LPN, CCRC

Michelle Collins, LPN, CCRC

  • Research Support
  • Assistant
  • Nephrology, OB/GYN Studies


photo of Linda Jones, RN, BSN

Linda Jones, RN, BSN

  • Research Nurse Clinician
  • Anesthesia, Pulmonary, Radiology, GI Medicine and Adult Ophthalmology Studies


photo of Nancy Starnes, RN, BSN

Nancy Starnes, RN, BSN

  • Research Nurse Clinician
  • Anesthesia, Neurology, Dental College Studies


photo of Heidi Stapp, RN, BSN

Heidi Stapp, RN, BSN

  • Research Nurse Clinician
  • Pediatric: CF Center, Pulmonology and Rheumatology Studies


photo of Leigh Anne Ogden, RN

Leigh Anne Ogden, RN

  • Research Nurse Clinician
  • OB/GYN and Nephrology Studies


photo of Marvin Harris, BS

Marvin Harris, BS

  • Research Associate
  • Biorepository, Urologic Center, Neonatology & Pediatric Studies


photo of Charlotte Gavalas, BA

Charlotte Gavalas, BA

  • Research Associate
  • Orthopedic Surgery, Unfunded/Departmental Funded Studies


photo of Tracy Miller, BHS, MLT (ASCP)

Tracy Miller, BHS, MLT (ASCP)

  • Research Associate
  • Nephrology, Dermatology and Internal Medicine Studies


photo of Vacant


  • Research Associate
  • Pediatric CT Surgery and Pediatric Cardiology Studies


photo of Patty Ray, Ph.D.

Patty Ray, Ph.D.

  • Research Associate
  • Adult & Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery Studies
  • Assists with unfunded submissions to the IRB


photo of Sunil Halder, PhD

Sunil Halder, PhD

  • Research Associate
  • Otolaryngology and Surgery Studies


photo of Torri Blackmon, BS

Torri Blackmon, BS

  • Research Associate
  • Cardiology and Transplant Studies


photo of Andy Laserna

Andy Laserna

  • Research Associate
  • OB/GYN Studies, Biorepository, Bariatric Center Database & Urology Database


photo of Kendrick King

Kendrick King

  • Research Associate


photo of Reeya Patel, BS

Reeya Patel, BS

  • Research Associate


photo of Trina Whitehead

Trina Whitehead

  • Data Coordinator 2
  • Surgical Oncology Database & Urology Database


photo of Evan Freed

Evan Freed

  • Research Assistant


photo of Holden Miller

Holden Miller

  • Research Assistant


photo of Willie Riley

Willie Riley

  • Research Assistant


photo of Julia Turnbow

Julia Turnbow

  • Research Assistant


photo of Kendall Williams

Kendall Williams

  • Research Assistant
photo of Jasmine Lyons

Jasmine Lyons

  • Research Assistant


photo of Vacant


  • Research Assistant
  • Pediatric Neurology Studies