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Clinical Trial

(In vitro D-dimer) The Diagnostic Utility of the in-vitro Provoked D dimer test in patients with suspected thromboembolism, either pulmonary embolism (PE) or deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or both

To determine if an in vitro ?provoked? D-dimer test is useful in identifying patients with suspected thromboembolism by pulmonary embolism and/or deep venous thrombosis (DVT). The indicator signal will be provoked by adding exogenous thrombolytics to enrolled subject blood samples and then compared to standard D-dimer levels.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion Criteria: 1. All patients getting CTA for clinically suspected PE or DVT based on the attending physician?s judgment 2. All patients getting ultrasound (US) of lower extremities for clinically suspected DVT based on the attending physician's judgment. 3. Patients with age ranging from 18 years and older who are able to give consent Exclusion Criteria: 1. Subjects who are unable to give consent 2. Subjects on warfarin (>48 hours) 3. Subjects on heparin (>48 hours) 4. Subjects who have documented atrial fibrillation 5. Subjects who have documented <35% Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction 6. Subjects with active Covid-19 infection

Contact Information

    Vincent Robinson

    (706) 721-4997