Let us help you and the people you care about quit tobacco for life!

We offer an integrative approach to help tobacco users quit successfully. This includes cigarette, cigar and hookah smokers, electronic-cigarette users, and chewing tobacco users. Our cessation clinic and classes use proven, research-based/  evidence-based methods to help you and the people you care about live a healthier life without tobacco! Make your appointment today! The public, patients, area businesses and the Augusta University community can participate. Let us help you, and the people you care about quit smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes or stop chewing tobacco, for life.

Review the Tobacco Cessation Program informational brochure (PDF)

Our Three-Step Process

Tailored to your unique needs, our Cessation Clinic and classes offer an integrative approach to help you live a healthier life without tobacco. Let us help you on this journey to quit tobacco for life.

Who can participate?

  • General public
  • Students from AU & area colleges/universities
  • Any business or organization’s employees

What is the cost of the program?

Check with your health insurance provider or Human Resources Benefits Office to see if cessation services are a covered benefit. Some health insurance policies will pay for the cost of cessation services; some will cover the costs of medications and some will cover the cost of coaching. For people without insurance or whose insurance does not cover the cost of the services, we will work with you to help it be affordable.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Contact Us

Tobacco Cessation Clinic

(706) 721-0456

(706) 721-5416


Fonda Doby, BSW, TTS


April Parham, BS, TTS


Bri'tny Jackson, MPA, TTS


Step 1 - Clinic Visit and Health Assessment

Tobacco Cessation Program team

To make an appointment, call (706) 721-0456 or send an email to stoptobacco@augusta.edu.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will meet with a doctor or nurse practitioner who specializes in quitting tobacco products. They will conduct a physical exam and review your history of using tobacco and electronic cigarette products. This will allow our team to tailor your visit to your cessation needs.

Clinic Hours

  • Appointments are arranged on an individual basis.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment.
  • Check-in: 1st Floor Kiosk


Clinic Location

  • Georgia Cancer Center's Outpatient Services Clinic (AN Building)
  • 1411 Laney Walker Boulevard
  • Augusta, GA 30912
  • Health Sciences Campus, Entrance 9

Step 2 - Cessation Classes

Georgia Cancer Center Tobacco Cessation Program team

As part of the Tobacco Cessation Program, you are required to register for cessation classes. After your clinic visit and health assessment you can begin your class. The cessation coach will help schedule your class. Your cessation coach is trained to offer practical guidance and assist you and other members of the group throughout your journey to quit smoking or using tobacco.

  • One-hour class per week for eight weeks
  • New class session starts every two weeks
  • Group classes are tailored to your needs
  • Convenient location and hours
  • Additional help available

You can call (706) 721-0456 to reach the Cessation Coach for a schedule of class dates and times. All cessation classes are at the Augusta University Health Sciences Campus. There are virtual classes available.

Step 3 - Get Ready to Quit

Most tobacco users think they can quit any time. For some, it takes more than one quit attempt. By making a plan and enlisting support of family and friends, you increase your chances of quitting tobacco for life.

Your doctor or nurse practitioner will assess your health, provide a brief exam, review your tobacco-use history, and discuss your previous quit attempts. Together, you can decide on a quit plan.

By actively participating in the cessation classes, you will develop your quit plan and gain skills to cope with nicotine addiction and tobacco-use habits. The class will help you achieve your goals and a healthier lifestyle.


  • Set a quit date.
  • Get active! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine before you quit.
  • Start calculating how much money you’ll save with a tobacco-free life.
  • Start drinking the suggested amount of water daily: ½ of your weight in ounces of water daily.
    • Example: If you weigh 120 pounds, you would need to drink 60 ounces per day or eight, 8-ounce glasses of water (for 64 ounces).
  • Being a non-tobacco user provides advantages for health insurance or benefits; check with your Human Resources Department.


Lung Screening Program

Lung Cancer Scan

The Augusta University Health Center is offering lung screening to smokers, ages 50-80 years that smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20-30+ years. Additional screening criteria apply.

To see if you qualify for the lung screening program, call (706) 721-1628

Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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