The Augusta University Academic Scholarship Application deadline is February 1st for the upcoming academic year (e.g. February 1, 2021 is the deadline for Fall 2021/Spring 2022). The Augusta University Academic Scholarship Application is submitted through a scholarship management system. Many scholarships are need-based and, therefore, require completion of a FAFSA. If the Office of Student Financial Aid has not received your completed FAFSA (and any other required documents) by the time the Scholarship & Financial Assistance Committee meets to determine awards, you most likely will not be considered for these type scholarships. As such, all potential scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to meet the regular financial aid application deadline.

Many colleges/departments have their own scholarship application process so you are encouraged to also contact the college/department of your area of study for more information.

External Scholarships:
  • Any students receiving outside scholarships should inform our office by phone, e-mail or stopping by our office.
  • The funding source of the scholarship to send the check to our office.