The Center for Healthy Aging is working to help the body repair itself as it grows synergy between the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University and the community.

CHA has two primary parts: Musculoskeletal and Neuroscience. Each of these cross-cutting components include: 

  • Basic science research (cell/molecular biology, stem cell research and regenerative medicine)
  • Translational research (animal models, including rodents and large animals) 
  • Clinical research studies, including functional assessments and biomarkers

Ultimately, the development of this Center will also require expansion of the clinical program in Geriatric Medicine with recruitment of a Section Chief in Geriatrics and one or two faculty slots. This will assist in development of the translational component of CHA and also establishment of a comprehensive Center where geriatric patients can come for their clinical care and also provide a pool for recruitment into clinical trials.

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