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Accommodation Letters:

When should I request my accommodation letters?

  • At least 1-2 weeks before each semester starts.

How do I request my accommodation letters?

  • Upload all of your classes into SAM, then send an email to saying you’ve done so. SAM instructions are located here

When will I get my accommodation letters?

  • Letters usually go out 1-3 days after you send the request to, depending on how busy the office is with other requests.

How will my professors be notified?

  • A disability service provider will Cc'd you on the official accommodation notification. Students are responsible for meeting with the appropriate faculty and staff to discuss accommodations and where you will test. 

I put my classes in SAM, but my professor said they haven’t gotten my letter yet.

  • After uploading your classes, did you send an email to to let us know? Email us after you make ANY changes in SAM.

I dropped a class and added another to my schedule. How do I request letters for my new professor?

  • Add the new class in SAM, then send an email to to tell us which class needs a letter. You won’t be able to delete the dropped course, but that’s ok.

I requested my letters today/yesterday and I still haven’t gotten them. When will I get them?

  • There’s no guarantee we will send your accommodation letters out the same day or the day after you request them. It’s up to you to request your letters in a timely manner and before any test, quiz, or other assignment you’d need accommodations for.


I can’t log into SAM.

  • Your username is your full Augusta email address. If the issue is your password, you will need to go through the “forgot your password” process on SAM’s homepage.

How do I put my classes in SAM?

  • Instructions for SAM can be found here

How do I request an exam on SAM?

  • Confirm the test date and time with the professor first. Instructions for how to request an exam through SAM can be found here

 Accommodation/Documentation Review:

I had accommodations at a previous college. Can I have the same ones here?

  • That depends. Sending us a copy of the documentation you gave that school along with a copy of an accommodation letter from their Office of Disability Services is helpful, but it doesn’t guarantee the same or any accommodations here.

Who reviews my paperwork and decides if I get accommodations or not?

  • For most mobility disorders, chronic illnesses, etc., a disability service provider will review the documentation and let you know if we have enough information to approve accommodations. For most psychological disorders, ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, etc., we submit paperwork to the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) in Athens to get approval. In other cases, academic departments at AU have the final say on if an accommodation can be given.

Why wasn’t I given the accommodations I asked for?/ Why was my request denied?

  • Common reasons could be your documentation may not meet USG and/or the RCLD’s criteria or we may not have enough information about your disability to approve the request. Whatever the case, we will tell you what else we need or offer other solutions for the concern. It’s up to you to follow-up with us with the appropriate material.

Contacting a Disability Services Provider:

I emailed/left a message for a DSP. Why haven’t I received a response yet?

  • The DSPs may be busy handling other concerns and can’t guarantee that they can assist you immediately. They also typically end services at 4:30 PM during the week. The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so phones and emails are not monitored, but someone will contact you in the following business days.

How can I make an appointment with a DSP?

  • Email to request an appointment or call (706) 737-1469.

Where are we meeting for the appointment?

  • Most of the appointments with DSPs are through Microsoft Teams but in-person appointments are available.


When can I take my tests with TDS?

  • Confirm your test date and time with your professor.Our office closes at 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays; Tuesdays are available for late nights with exams starting no later than 5:30pm, you may need to come in earlier on those days. If you have any questions about testing availability for accommodated testing, contact us directly through email or by calling 706-737-1469. 

Conflict Resolution:

I don’t think a professor will honor an accommodation I have. What should I do?

  • Speak to your professor first to see if they won’t or if you just THINK they won’t. After that, if they aren’t honoring your accommodation(s), reach out to your DSP and we can reach out to the professor for more information about the situation.

My professor said I can’t use this accommodation in their class. What can I do?

  • Let your DSP know and we will reach out to the professor for more information.

I forgot to send you something you requested. Why didn’t you remind me?

  • We can’t keep track of everyone who still needs to turn in something and what they need to turn in for their requests. After we send you the email telling you what we need, it’s your responsibility to email it to us in a timely manner.

I received provisional accommodations last semester. Can I have them again?

  • This is case-by-case, but there’s no guarantee you can. You may have been told what else you needed to send us to transition your accommodations to permanent a few months before the provisional accommodations ended. If you haven’t sent them to us with enough time to review them before the next semester, you may not qualify for provisional accommodations again.




Can any student take a test at TDS?

  • Currently, only accommodated students registered with TDS can take proctored tests with us.

Does a proctor form need to be with every test/quiz?

  • Hand deliver or email a proctor form to with EVERY individual assignment a student is taking with TDS, even if it’s given online. Proctor forms can be found here

I suspect a student has a disability. What can I do?

  • Reach out to the student to ask if they’d like a few resources you think may help them not only succeed in your class, but also benefit them at Augusta University as a whole (TDS, Career Services, SCAPS, the Academic Success Center, etc.). 

It’s easier to give an accommodation instead of going through the formal process. Can’t I just do that?

  • Unfortunately, this is unfair to students who are engaging in the formal accommodation process and it creates confusion. It causes inconsistencies in expectations and procedures across professors and departments, so just refer students who need accommodations to TDS.

Classes started a LONG time ago. Why am I JUST NOW getting a letter for this student?

  • In some cases, we may have never gotten an email from the student saying their classes were in SAM and an upcoming assignment or a conversation with you may have reminded them they need to reach out to us. Other times, a student may not realize they have a disability or need accommodations until later in the semester.

Do these accommodations apply to assignments the student has already turned in?

  • No, the accommodations don’t apply retroactively, so they shouldn’t be applied to previous assignments. The accommodations start from the day you get their letter.

When can students with accommodations take their test with TDS?

  • Our office closes at 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays; Tuesdays are available for late nights with exams starting no later than 5:30pm. If a student gets extended time, they may need to come in earlier on those days. If you have any questions about testing availability for accommodated testing, contact us directly through email or by calling 706-737-1469.


Parent/Legal Guardian

What are some differences between high school and college for students with disabilities?

Can my college student sign a release of information form that will allow me to speak with TDS?

  • A college student can sign a release giving staff permission to share information with parents. However, even if a student signs a release, staff will generally only communicate with parents in the presence of the student. Students are required to handle any matters related to our office, including requesting accommodations and reporting issues. 

Can I request accommodations for my college student?

  • All accommodation requests must come directly from the student

How can I help my college student who is struggling in classes even with accommodations?

  • Ask your student if they are using all of the accommodations approved. Encourage them to speak to TDS for assistance. If the student would like to discuss their accommodations, the student is responsible for requesting to speak with a disability service provider about any changes and additional documentation to substantiate those changes. Academic Success Center is also available for all students. 

In high school, teachers kept me informed of how the student was doing. Will TDS or the professors contact me if my student is having difficulties in class?

  • In college, students are responsible for seeking assistance if they are having problems. Parents will not be contacted regarding accommodations, grades or any other academic issues. Parents may refer to their student with any questions regarding academic progress.