Can any student take a test at TDS?

  • Currently, only accommodated students registered with TDS can take proctored tests with us.

Does a proctor form need to be with every test/quiz?

  • Hand deliver or email a proctor form to with EVERY individual assignment a student is taking with TDS, even if it’s given online. Proctor forms can be found here

I suspect a student has a disability. What can I do?

  • Reach out to the student to ask if they’d like a few resources you think may help them not only succeed in your class, but also benefit them at Augusta University as a whole (TDS, Career Services, SCAPS, the Academic Success Center, etc.). 

It’s easier to give an accommodation instead of going through the formal process. Can’t I just do that?

  • Unfortunately, this is unfair to students who are engaging in the formal accommodation process and it creates confusion. It causes inconsistencies in expectations and procedures across professors and departments, so just refer students who need accommodations to TDS.

Classes started a LONG time ago. Why am I JUST NOW getting a letter for this student?

  • In some cases, we may have never gotten an email from the student saying their classes were in SAM and an upcoming assignment or a conversation with you may have reminded them they need to reach out to us. Other times, a student may not realize they have a disability or need accommodations until later in the semester.

Do these accommodations apply to assignments the student has already turned in?

  • No, the accommodations don’t apply retroactively, so they shouldn’t be applied to previous assignments. The accommodations start from the day you get their letter.

When can my students with accommodations take their test with TDS?

  • Our office closes at 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays. If a student gets extended time, they may need to come in earlier on those days. If you have any questions about testing availability for accommodated testing, contact us directly through email or by calling 706-737-1469.