The intent for the fellowship is to train physicians in tropical and travel medicine to position them in a leadership role to not only direct personal teams into the developing world, but to direct many teams simultaneously. In that role, they will also function as resource for problems in the field as well as “back home.” They will further analyze data gathered in the field and implement changes and projects to make sustainable changes, both on small scale and later on a large scale. It is our hope that our graduates will ultimately become leaders of large international organizations who provide aid, relief, and improvement to the developing world. This could be applied on a continual basis or response service in times of natural or manmade disaster.


The curriculum was designed to address three core specialty areas. While it is not possible to address 100% of these core content areas during a 1-year fellowship, it is expected that the fellow will have considerable knowledge (albeit sometimes incomplete) in all the core content areas. Upon fellowship completion, knowledge in these three core areas positions the fellow to assume a leadership role in the international health community. The three areas are:

1. Tropical Medicine and Tropical Infectious Diseases

2. Travel Medicine and Traveler’s Health Concerns

3. Global Health and Global Health Equity