The Office of the Registrar is responsible for updating the University catalog each year and for meeting the goal of publishing the new catalog by July 1st. The Registrar’s Office notifies colleges and departments to review their information in the catalog and processes edits as they are received. After editing, the information is then returned to the College/Department for final approval. After all approvals are provided, the catalog is published.

Former students are able to access the catalog of record for when they were at the institution two ways. All catalogs dating back to the year 2000 are visible online by accessing the AU Catalog. All online digital catalog information can be downloaded free of charge at any time and printed, if desired. Catalogs archived by the Registrar prior to the year 2000 are not directly accessible by students or the public.  Prior, current, and potential students and other educational institutions may request transcriptions, copies, or scans of the catalog information at no charge from the Registrar’s Office.

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**For the 2024-2025 catalog publishing cycle, we are delaying the editing process slightly and will not be adhering to this calendar. Please email the catalog administrator if you have any questions or concerns.**