• Face-to-Face instruction and mentorship from our world-class faculty researchers.
  • Unique integration of cybersecurity and computer science elements in the curriculum


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Gursimran Walia, PhD
Program Director

Denise Coleman
Academic Program Coordinator



Augusta University’s PhD program in Computer and Cyber Sciences will prepare students for top ranking positions in research-based companies, government agencies, and technology-based startup companies. This is accomplished through immersion in faculty research projects, satisfying qualifying and elective course requirements, successfully passing a comprehensive examination, engaging in productive dissertation research, and passing the dissertation defense.  

Why a PhD? 
With the rising need of technical expertise, employers are increasingly requiring doctoral degrees in their minimum hiring requirements. Large companies frequently start those with PhDs at higher-level positions and often reserve their top-level positions for doctoral degree holders. A disproportionate number of employees in tech titans like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle have advanced degrees, including doctorates. In particular, 16% of positions at Google require a doctoral degree. According to the same source, about 10% of employees of tech disruptors companies, like Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, and Uber, hold doctoral degrees.  

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Applicants for this program are expected to have undergraduate degrees in computer science or related disciplines. This preparation gives students the necessary mathematical and computer science foundations needed for success. Typical applicants have GPAs over 3.0 and have earned top grades in most of their attempted computer science related courses.

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William Cocke

"The CCS program has some great researchers who specialize in some fundamentals of computer and cyber sciences."

William Cocke >>