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The Biomedical Student Association (BSA) is an Augusta University-sanctioned organization providing leadership and support to graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences.

The BSA conducts activities to promote an atmosphere of fellowship and social support among the graduate students and organizes students' interactions with other institutions and organizations within Augusta University and the community at large. The majority of BSA events focus on strengthening social networks within the graduate student community as well as encouraging students to play an active role in campus and community-wide events.

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Biomedical Student Association


Leadership Team

photo of Katie Anne Fopiano

Katie Anne Fopiano

  • President
photo of Mercy Kehinde-ige

Mercy Kehinde-ige

  • Vice President
photo of Casey Cryan

Casey Cryan

  • Secretary
photo of Dominique Monroe

Dominique Monroe

  • Treasurer
photo of Ryan Schibalski

Ryan Schibalski

  • Social Chair
photo of Elisabeth Mellott

Elisabeth Mellott

  • Humanitarian
photo of Dina Kira

Dina Kira

  • GSGA Representative
photo of Stepan Budkin

Stepan Budkin

  • SGA Representative

Service Projects

On a monthly basis, the BSA members work to organize a service project to make a difference in our communities, gain leadership experience, promote student-student interaction and expand networking opportunities. Through service, students feel more connected not only with the campus community, but also with the larger CSRA.

Students With Food Donations
Library Box With Books
2023 BSA Food Pantry

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