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The Computer Science Colloquium Series became a course in January 2019, offering students an hour credit to learn more about research topics in the Computer and Cyber Sciences from leading researchers in these fields. All presentations will be held online during the Fall 2021 semester and unless otherwise noted, will be available for streaming via YouTube. For more information about this course or if you are a guest outside of Augusta University wishing to tune in to a presentation, please contact Dr. Harley Eades.

In case you missed a presentation from the Fall 2020 colloquium series, you can view previous presentations here.

In case you missed a presentation from the Spring 2021 colloquium series, you can view previous presentations here.

In case you missed it:

November 12: View "Integrating Usability into Programming Language Design" by Dr. Jonathan Aldrich 

Coming up:

November 29, 1-2 pm: "A Bird's Eye View of Flocking" with Dr. Scott Smolka, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University

Abstract: Do you know why birds flock? Biologists have identified a number of compelling reasons for this behavior. Do you know how birds flock? Craig Reynolds developed a distributed model of flocking in 1986 based on three rules, each of which determines a steering force. We propose a more “declarative” approach to flocking based on optimal control and cost-function minimization. We also show how declarative flocking can be extended to capture high-speed, flock-wide turning maneuvers that one sees in nature. The road from declarative flocking takes us to Neural Flocking. We conclude with an experimental platform that uses the new concept of Spatial Predictive Control to achieve flocking using low-cost drone hardware.

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Coming Soon to the Colloquium Series:

December 3: TBA by Dr. Ross Horne, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Luxembourg

Dr. Horne's presentation is the final colloquium series presentation for the Fall 2021 semester. Thanks to all for attending this semester's talks!

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