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The overall goals of the Molecular Oncology research program are to understand the fundamental cellular and molecular processes that contribute to cancer development and progression.

Normal cells have intricate molecular mechanisms that control essential phenotypes such as differentiation, cell division and movement. The molecular pathways that control these phenotypes are disrupted in cancer cells as a result of the expression of oncogenes and loss of regulatory tumor suppressor genes. These events, which are often highly specific to individual types of cancer, disrupt specific molecular pathways that result in uncontrolled cell growth and loss of normal responses to extracellular signaling cues that result in tumor development and progression.

The research interests of the program can be divided into three broad themes:

  • Cancer Genetics
  • Epigenetics
  • Chaperone Biology


photo of Nahid F. Mivechi, PHD

Nahid F. Mivechi, PHD

  • Co-Leader, Molecular Oncology and Biomarker Program
  • Professor


photo of Ali Arbab, MD, PHD

Ali Arbab, MD, PHD

  • Professor


photo of Faizal Asumda, MD, MSC

Faizal Asumda, MD, MSC

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Babak Baban, PHD

Babak Baban, PHD

  • Professor
photo of Ahmed Chadli, PHD

Ahmed Chadli, PHD

  • Associate Professor


photo of Waaqo Daddacha, PHD

Waaqo Daddacha, PHD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Zheng Dong, PHD

Zheng Dong, PHD

  • Professor
photo of Avirup Guha, MBBS, MPH

Avirup Guha, MBBS, MPH

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Zoya Kurago, DDS

Zoya Kurago, DDS

  • Professor
photo of Dawn Langley-Brady, PHD

Dawn Langley-Brady, PHD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Vivian Lui, PHD

Vivian Lui, PHD

  • Associate Professor


photo of Huidong Shi, PHD

Huidong Shi, PHD

  • Professor


photo of Muthusamy Thangaraju, PHD

Muthusamy Thangaraju, PHD

  • Associate Professor
photo of Chunhong Yan, PHD

Chunhong Yan, PHD

  • Associate Professor


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