Georgia Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource was established in 2006 and provides access to contemporary flow cytometers, support equipment, and associated software and services. The core offers the ability to perform almost every published flow cytometry protocol.

Georgia Cancer Center Mass Cytometry Core was launched in 2023, and is equipped with the latest version of the mass cytometer- CyTOF XT. 

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Flow Cytometry Core

Flow Core
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Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) Core

Mass Cytometry Core

For more information and some useful links. Please see the Flow and Mass dropdown section on the Shared Resources page.

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Flow Cytometry

Health Sciences Campus

Georgia Cancer Center - M. Bert Storey Research Building

Jiji Xie, PhD
Director of Scientific Core


(706) 721-4157

Rebekah Tritz, PhD
Research Manager


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