Student Health Insurance FAQS

Which students are mandated to have a health insurance plan?

The following groups of Augusta University students are required to have health insurance per the Georgia Board of Regents and Augusta University policies:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate International Students holding “F” or “J” visa status
  • Graduate Students receiving Full-time tuition waivers
  • Graduate Students receiving fellowships that fully fund their tuition
  • Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance as determined by Augusta University
  • Students enrolled in Health Science Programs
  • Students who participate in a collegiate sports

Is there a voluntary plan available for students to purchase if they are not mandated to have health insurance?

Yes, please go to to view the voluntary plans that are offered.

What if I am already insured under another health insurance plan?

If you already have health insurance and want to continue coverage under your current plan, you will need to complete a waiver form. Go to the section tab “Waiver Application” under Student Insurance for instructions on completing your application. If your current insurance plan meets the coverage requirements established by the Board of Regents, then a waiver will be approved. To see the minimum requirements for an approved waiver set by the Board of Regents, please go to .  If your waiver application is approved, a credit for the insurance premium will be posted to your POUNCE account. If your waiver application is denied, refer to the “Waiver Application  section of our website 

When do I have to apply for an insurance waiver?

There are specific times each semester when the waiver application process opens and closes. Please refer to the “Waiver Application” section of our website. 

What is my insurance waiver was denied?

Please refer to the “Waiver Application” section of our website. 

If I waive Augusta University - Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), can I still use the Student Health Services (SHS)?

Yes, all Augusta University students who are enrolled are automatically billed a semester fee for SHS and can be receive services at SHS. Active students that are in-between semesters and on-line students can receive services and should contact SHS for a fee schedule.

When does Augusta University - SHIP coverage begin and end?

Augusta University - SHIP is an annual policy and the premium is billed in two installments (Fall and Spring/Summer).  Coverage begins August 1 and ends July 31.

Now that I am enrolled in SHIP, how do I found out more?

Please go to to see benefit package, view claims, find in-network providers and request a copy of your insurance card.

Can I enroll in Augusta University - SHIP outside the enrollment period?

Yes, contact the Student Health office to discuss your options.

Can I cancel my Augusta University - SHIP enrollment?

 If you do not have an approved waiver, you are required to maintain this insurance policy based on the Augusta University insurance requirements as mentioned previously.

If I am enrolled in Augusta University - SHIP can I go to any doctor that I want?

Augusta University Student Health Services is the primary care provider for students enrolled in Augusta University - SHIP.  You must see a provider at SHS to obtain a referral when you need outside medical attention.

A SHS referral is not required under the following conditions:

  1. Medical emergency. The student must return to SHC for necessary follow-up care.
  2. When SHS is closed.
  3. Medical care received when the student is more than 30 miles from campus.
  4. Medical care when a student is no longer eligible for services at SHS.
  5. Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care.
  6. Dermatological services.
  7. Mental illness treatment and substance use disorder treatment.

Should you need a service not offered at SHS, your clinician will refer you to an off-campus health care provider. Your clinician may suggest a specific provider, or you can choose a provider. Going to an in-network provider insures the least out-of-pocket costs. In-network providers for the Augusta University SHIP can be located by going to

Is there a deductible? a copay? a co-insurance? a limit to my out-of-pocket payments? maximum per policy year?  

Please see benefit packages - If you have any questions please contact Student Health Services.

Are there services that the Augusta University SHIP does not cover?

Yes, some conditions and/or services are not covered.  The Schedule of Benefits and Exclusions can be found in the plan brochure at

What do I do if I have to go to the emergency room?

In the event of an emergency, go immediately to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

 Any follow-up care that is provided outside of SHS requires a referral. The deductible and co-insurance will apply for emergency services.

If I am away from campus, how do I obtain medical care?

If you are more than 30 miles away from campus, you are not required to go to SHS and may visit any provider.  A referral is not necessary, but it is recommended that you visit an in-network provider.  In-network providers for the Augusta University SHIP can be located by going to  Augusta University-SHIP provides worldwide coverage.  If you require medical care outside the US please refer to the “Travel Plan” section on our website. .Please take your insurance card with you while traveling.

How do I obtain a Augusta University-SHIP insurance card?

Go to the link below to set up your account and print your insurance card. Insurance cards are no longer mailed to you. .


How to access the IRS form (1095-B) for the student insurance?

Can my spouse and dependents enroll in Augusta University-SHIP?

Eligible dependents are the spouse or dependent children of the covered student under age 26. To enroll your spouse or dependents, please go to

How do I obtain a brochure describing Augusta University-SHIP coverage?

For a complete brochure go to

Does Augusta University-SHIP provide a prescription drug benefit?

Yes, the plan has a prescription drug benefit. The schedule of prescription benefits can be found in the plan brochure at 

Who do I contact concerning a denial of a claim by the SHIP for services received at SHS?

Contact for any questions concerning claims.

Does Augusta University-SHIP provide dental coverage?

Augusta University-SHIP does not provide routine dental coverage. There are benefits for removal of impacted wisdom teeth and injury to sound, natural teeth. See the plan benefits at A separate dental policy can be purchased during Fall enrollment by going to

Does Augusta University-SHIP provide vision coverage?

Augusta University-SHIP does not provide vision coverage. A separate vision policy can be purchased during Fall enrollment by going to