At AU, we strive to make studying abroad/away as affordable and accommodating as possible for all students. It is equally important for students to be aware of our financial policies and their implications, especially for our AU Study Abroad & Away programs. Students should pay close attention to all the guiding policies when submitting an application to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.


Payments & Funding

Withdrawals & Refunds

Transfer to Different Program

Program Payments & Funding Resources

Application Deposit - Save your Spot

  • A $200 deposit and completed application paperwork is required to hold a student’s space on a study abroad/away program.
  • After a student makes an initial deposit and completes the application paperwork in Terra Dotta, the student will be contacted by the Study Abroad Office via AU email. The SAO will then confirm if they are accepted into the program and give the required next steps.
  • All information provided and requested within the program application is mandatory to complete prior to acceptance. The application includes critical information, including the financial terms and conditions that govern study abroad and study away programs.


Program Fee Payments

AU Study Abroad & Away Programs

  • Students accepted to a Study Abroad/Away program are required to make payments toward the Program Fee through the online application portal.
  • Payment deadlines vary by individual program. Please check your application or the program page for details.
    • See below for our Withdrawal & Refund Policy conditions and deadlines.
  • Program fees are determined by travel-related costs, which often include: airfare, housing, global health insurance, group meals, excursions.
  • The advertised cost for AU Study Abroad/Away programs is estimated and subject to change. Billable program costs are updated in each student application.
  • Tuition & fees are billed separately by AU based on credit hours and academic term.


Affiliated & other non-AU Programs

  • Students who are accepted to a non-AU study abroad program are required to make payments according to policies set by the host program provider/institution.
  • Program fee structures and Payment deadlines vary by individual program. Please check with the host program provider/institution for more information.
  • Tuition & fees are billed by the host program provider/institution.
    • The exception is USG Goes Global - students accepted to a USGG program are billed by AU for tuition & fees based on credit hours and academic term.


Financial Aid & Fundraising

Financial Aid

  • Your financial aid package can often be applied toward study abroad costs, including HOPE & Zell Miller, the Pell Grant, federal loans, and private loans (only as a final option).
  • Visit the Financial Aid webpage for more information; contact your Financial Aid Counselor
  • We recommended that you meet with Financial Aid and your Academic Advisor before applying to a study abroad/away program.


Personal Fundraising

  • Fundraising is a great option to assist with costs. There are many resources on how to get started and success tips.
  • We recommend you use our budget template when deciding which program to participate in.


Scholarships for Study Abroad

Track down active scholarships and grants to help fuel your study abroad goals! Check out our Scholarships Guide for a comprehensive list of Internal (AU-based) and External (national) funding opportunities. Contact us for expert guidance and pro tips for your applications:



Important Forms



If you would like to request a Payment Extension please complete the above DocuSign form. We do our best to accommodate, with the understanding that there is a timeline we must follow to pay vendors. Extensions can usually be granted for a couple of weeks past the payment due date; all requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Continue reading below for the Withdrawal & Refund Policy terms & conditions.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy