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We welcome investigators, students, trainees, research sponsors, and our community to explore our research web pages for content related to technology commercialization, sponsored programs, animal research, and human subject research. Learn more about our expanding research infrastructure, including InfoEd, eSProute, IRBNet, eSirius3G, OnCore, and iLab.

The glossary section explains acronyms and terms and research policies for research units. Research forms, policies, and guidelines can be found in Tools for Researchers. We encourage participation in our many training and education programs, research initiation processes, grant writing assistance, pilot funding opportunities, and clinical trial listings available for research participation.

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Research News

Woman in a sweater and dress sits with hands on table

MCG faculty named finalist for NIH Build UP Trust Challenge

“This award recognizes how we’re linking all of these institutions together to work together for the community, because that’s what’s rare."

Researcher in lab

IMMCG researcher delves into spleen’s role in atherosclerosis

Adil Rasheed, PhD, is shedding light on the distinct role of the spleen in atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries.

Soldier receives aid sitting in helicopter

MCG researcher says combat blasts caused injury to brain-cleansing system

"Most studies examine impact TBI, so much less is known about brain injuries following blast exposure and how it may differ from other types of TBI."

Man's head shot

CAR-T researcher joins IMMCG to advance cancer immunotherapy

Nicholas Gascoigne, PhD, whose research explores CAR-T cell function in cancer immunotherapy, is the newest faculty member at the Immunology Center of Georgia.

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