Research Administration's Education and Training Program

Research Administration offers many training opportunities for anyone involved in research at AU.  While it may seem overwhelming to begin a career in research, our trainers prepare teaching experiences designed to provide you with needed information in a manner that is easy to understand.  We look forward to seeing you in one of the many training courses offered.  Additional information can be found by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page.

  • Describe the fundamentals and ethical concerns involving research
  • Utilize all resources available at AU to conduct research
  • Develop a process for navigating through the research process at AU
  • Identify the specific initiation steps from each unit (i.e. steps for IRB new study submission process)
  • Understand each unit's approval process
  • Identify the expected timeline for submission/notification to approval/acknowledgement for each unit
  • Identify the specific requirements for post approval/initiation from each unit
  • Understand specific compliance considerations required by each unit (i.e. Audit Preparation, RDS-Medical Billing Compliance, etc.)  
  • This course will introduce new AU faculty, staff, and students to key Research Administration departments and divisions, including research policies and procedures.
  • Available – Monthly in-person training is available
  • Quarterly sessions to provide important updates, advise on policy changes, and provide information about new systems, upgrades, and services available to the research community.

These training classes provide an overview of the electronic systems, navigation tips, and instructions for use.


  • Provides immediate compensation for patient visits, travel, etc. via an electronic transfer to an AU Clinical Research Debit/Credit Card.
  • Online portal allows ease of tracking payments and issuance of payments.

DocuSign - an electronic document signature tool, is now available to execute (sign) research contracts.  DocuSign allows contracts to be sent out and signed electronically, which will save personnel time, effort, and inconvenience.  Contracts utilizing this tool will not need to be manually carried in paper format from one department to another to obtain signatures. The signing process is very quick, and has been implemented to help support the improved efficiency of the contract execution process.

Electronic sponsored Programs Route (eSproute) is a web-based system created within InfoEd that is designed to electronically capture AU required approvals, prior to the submission or execution of extramural and intramural sponsored projects.  Users are required to attend training before access to the system is granted.  Training is conducted on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at noon.  Once trained, AU credentials are used to log into the system.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required when accessing the system outside of the AU firewall.  Contact the Division of Sponsored Programs (Pre-Award) for additional information. 

iLab Solutions

  • iLab allows for the online purchase of research services as well as the booking of research equipment in specified research cores.
  • The system provides for online payments and is linked with AU Financial Systems.

IRBNet - IRBNet is the electronic IRB submission system used by Augusta University. It is recommended that you complete IRB training before you can gain access to the system.  This can be done by using the following help links (listed below) or by contacting the IRB Office for more information at (706) 721 - 3110.

Help Links for Using and Navigating the IRBNet System:

If a username and password is requested to watch the training video or read the PDF, please use AU and training, respectively.

  • New Project Submission
  • Post-Submission Advanced Topics (this is for Response/Follow-up, Amendments, Continuing Reviews and Reportable Events packages)
  • As well as our Guidance Documents located within the IRBNet system under Forms and Templates.

OnCore - The On-line Collaborative Research Environment (OnCore) provides an electronic portal to support the following research activities:

  • Task Management for pre-study start up activities.
  • Clinical Trials Data Management System
  • Biorepository
  • Patient Registries

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