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The Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office (SIRO) is pleased to provide this easy to use resource for faculty and staff to find information to aid in their professional growth and development related to research.

Our office reaches across colleges, to assist researchers on all campuses in learning about research practices and to find collaborative groups. This will also be a source for introducing faculty to the SIRO where we help to identify funding opportunities, develop proposals, and manage post award for grants, as well as oversight for the conduct of research project and/or contract.

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Interdisciplinary Research Office

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Getting Started

If you’re new to research or new to Augusta University, we suggest you begin by looking through our various offices, policies and resources related to research. These will help you become familiar with general research practices.

Meet Our Team

Scott Thorp

Associate Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research

I work to develop a culture of research that spans across disciplines through the development of research infrastructure in the areas of humanities, education, business, and science research. Contact me if you want to collaborate with other researchers or have general questions about getting involved in research.

Walidah Walker

Manager, Interdisciplinary Research

I support Augusta University investigators across colleges to develop and submit research grants and contracts. I encourage faculty to visit the Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office to learn more about identifying funding opportunities, proposal development, and the management of post-award activities.

Resources for Researchers

Funding Sources & Publications

To assist faculty in identifying potential sponsors, the Department of Sponsored Programs Administration provides access to sponsor web sites, an alphabetical listing with links directly to sponsor home pages, and to, announcements of funding by various federal and private sponsors.

News and Events

Woman with long brown hair in white coat and gray dress leans against window

Fatigue, headache among top lingering symptoms months after COVID

The results support the growing evidence that there are chronic neuropsychiatric symptoms following COVID-19 infections.

Man in foreground with hand on mouse looking at computer. Two women in white coats stand behind him

Microscopic blood vessel disease in the brain’s white matter associated with worse cognition in Alzheimer’s

Recent findings of MCG scientists and others suggest that some people with Alzheimer’s who have brain changes widely associated with the condition may not develop dementia without underlying vascular dysfunction.

children sitting on bench reading

Watch: Augusta University psychiatrist shares insight on back to school

“Adults looking after children really need to pay attention to their child, seeing where they've got strengths and trying to channel their activities and interest into those places where a child sees themselves as successful,” said Dr. Dale Peeples.

man sitting across from person holding clipboard and pen

Augusta University expert talks importance of BIPOC Mental Health Month

“BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to raise awareness while also encouraging people to advocate and take action with regard to the mental health detriments experienced by people of color as a result of individual systemic and structural racism,” Dr. Melanie Wilcox said.

Students & Research

Center for Undergraduate Research

Augusta University supports faculty-led research and scholarly activity with undergraduates in a variety of ways including: faculty and student development activities, sponsoring the monthly student research seminars, assessing the impact of student research


Graduate Assistants

The Graduate School Website includes processes for selecting, approving and implementing Graduate Assistant positions. It also distinguishes responsibilities between each of the three primary departments: the Program/Department, The Graduate School and Human Resources.