The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is guided by our mission, and a set of core values that reflect the heart of our program and discipline. Our mission and values include a dedication continuously improving our program through the use of assessment and evaluation. 

The MPA program enhances the performance of public and nonprofit organizations in our region, state, and the nation by preparing public service leaders to competently and ethically lead public and nonprofit organizations.

As an interdisciplinary professional degree program, we seek to:

  • provide a broad education for individuals entering government and nonprofit organizations in administrative positions,
  • enhance the capabilities and performance of individuals currently serving in management positions in our region,
  • produce impactful public administration research,
  • emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in public service, and
  • provide curriculum offerings and outreach that strengthen the governing capacity in the region.

About Our Program

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Summerville Campus

Allgood Hall

Suite N312




Mailing Address:
1120 15th Street AH-N312 Augusta, GA 30912

Our Programs

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Urban Planning and Community Development

BA to MPA in 5 Years

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Our Values

We seek to have a program that represents our five core values: 



Emphasizes integrity—accountability, honesty, fairness and ethical behavior in personal and professional relationships and activities

Public Service


Inspires faculty and students to public service that reflects the highest ideals of citizenship and service to the community, the nation, and the world

Democratic Values 


Emphasizes democratic values so students observe and respect the Constitution and the rule of law in service to the public



Develops professionalism by emphasizing competence, excellence, efficiency, objectivity, and impartiality

Equity and Diversity 


Focuses on equity and diversity through emphasizing that public administration professionals’ exercise of authority and responsibility must always be tempered by a respect for human dignity, fairness, and social equity


Our Faculty

photo of Dr. Allison Foley

Dr. Allison Foley

  • Professor
photo of Dr. Martha Ginn

Dr. Martha Ginn

  • Professor
photo of Dr. Kimberly Gray

Dr. Kimberly Gray

  • Director of Strategic Initiatives and Assessment for Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Augustine Hammond

Dr. Augustine Hammond

  • Associate Professor
photo of Dr. William Hatcher

Dr. William Hatcher

  • Chair, Professor
photo of Dr. Wesley Meares

Dr. Wesley Meares

  • Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Saundra Ribando

Dr. Saundra Ribando

  • Retired: Professor Emerita
photo of Dr. Rhucha Samudra

Dr. Rhucha Samudra

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Melissa Bemiller

Dr. Melissa Bemiller

  • Associate Professor