Dr. Ertle

Justin T. Ertle, MD

Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program


Dr. Justin Ertle was appointed Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency program in 2019. He is passionate about ensuring both that patients receive high-quality care and that trainees receive high-quality education.

Originally from Oregon, he attended the University of Oregon, completing a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Biochemistry while becoming fascinated with genomics, working as an undergraduate researcher in the Institute of Molecular Biology.  He defended an undergraduate thesis involving RNA sequencing prior to graduation.

 He earned his medical degree at George Washington University in Washington, DC; while in medical school he continued research with RNA sequencing in the GWU Division of Genomics, while serving as an editor for the GWU Fusion research journal and as a clinic manager and steering committee member for the volunteer-run Healing Clinic.

 He completed his first two years of Internal Medicine residency at George Washington University, receiving the “Intern of the Year” honor. For his final year of residency, he transferred to Mercer University in Macon, Georgia to be of (slightly) more use to his wife (then a Pediatrics resident at Mercer University) when their daughter was born that year.

 He began his career in academic medicine by joining the Mercer University Internal Medicine faculty after residency. There he served as attending for the resident clinic and inpatient teaching services, as well as in the university student health center. He served as a director of the Internal Medicine Accelerated Curriculum track, as well as a member of the IRB committee.

 He had the opportunity to join the excellent Internal Medicine faculty at Augusta University in 2019. He serves as an outpatient clinician, including as a supervising attending for trainees in the resident clinic. He also teaches medical students in their pre-clinical Physical Diagnosis course.

 He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, has completed IHI Certification in Quality Improvement, and is a member of ACP, SGIM, and AAIM/APDIM.

 He enjoys spending time with his wife, who is a native Augustan, and their two wonderful children - preferably outdoors!