Our mission is to foster institutional stewardship by supporting intelligent, collaborative decision making through information and planning.

Our values are Collaboration, Leadership, Integrity and Adaptability.

We practice:

  • Collaboration through connections both across our division's services and functions and with others throughout the institution to serve the priorities of AU. 
  • Leadership by effectively contributing knowledge and expertise to collectively influence AU's success. 
  • Integrity by promoting a culture of trust and accountability to those served by the AU mission.
  • Adaptability by staying current in our respective disciplines and change-ready to meet the needs of the university.


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Institutional Effectiveness

Health Sciences Campus

Annex I

3300 Suites

1120 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30912



Functions & Services


Develops and maintains processes and support materials to assist with ongoing compliance with regional accreditation standards. Also assists colleges with specialized accreditation. 


Develops analytics and decision support solutions for executive leadership, colleges, and administrative units at Augusta University to support planning and decision making.


Provides assistance to educational programs, general education, and academic and student services that support student achievement by supporting the SLO reporting and assessment process to ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

Data Governance

Collaborates with responsible units on the management and maintenance of the university’s information in accordance with policies, state and federal reporting guidelines, and national standards of best practice.

Integrated Planning

Assists AU leaders with planning efforts to ensure that each unit has well-articulated outcomes that are linked to the university's strategic organizational goals and key performance indicators.

Program Planning

Develops processes and tools to support the identification of new programs. Supports academic units in the development and submission of a program proposal as well as facilitation of the approval process. 

Program Review

Manages the program review process by supporting academic programs under review and facilitating the identification of actions and decisions resulting from program reviews.

Project Management

Applies best practice project management tools and processes to plan, execute, manage, and close a project. Also trains and mentors unit/division staff to enable them to use project management best practices and tools.

Survey Research

Responsible for the coordination of efforts to survey the institutional community, to prioritize survey needs, and to increase the potential for statistically valid response rates.

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Resources & Tools

We provide support and leadership for the university in the application of planning, assessment, data analysis and reporting, and performance monitoring and improvement, and project and change management.

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