Faculty Recruitment Guidelines

Effective September 6, 2016

All benefits-eligible (fiscal or academic year) faculty positions, with an FTE of .50 or greater, are required to go through the competitive recruitment process.  Limited Term appointments may go through a modified recruitment process to allow for selected applicants to be hired through the job opening process. Limited Term positions may be posted for 3 days (if candidate has been previously identified) or for a longer period of time to allow for a pool of applicants to select from.  Previous faculty appointments which were considered an exception to recruitment (e.g. Postdoctoral Fellow to an Assistant Research Scientist or a Resident in their final year to an Instructor-Limited Term) will be posted internally as a QIC (Qualified Internal Candidate).

  • Full-time  (1.00 FTE) 
    Competitive recruitment (full-search) is required for a minimum of 30 days.  Positions will be posted on the Augusta University Faculty Careers website, USG Applicant Clearinghouse, Inside Higher Education website, and one external resource identified by the hiring department.
  • Full-time (1.00 FTE)  Qualified Internal Candidate 
    Positions which would have met the previous exceptions to recruitment (i.e. Postdoctoral Fellow to an Assistant Research Scientist or a Resident in their final year to an Instructor-Limited Term).  Position will be posted for a minimum of 3 days to the Augusta University Faculty Careers website only.
  • Full-time (1.00 FTE) Limited Term
    Job Opening request is required in order to hire an individual into a limited term appointment.  Limited Term positions can be posted for a minimum of 3 days (for an identified candidate) or 30 days to allow for external applicants to apply - this will be based on the need of the department.  This classification will normally be used in the case where a full search is being conducted and an individual is being hired to meet the immediate need(s) of the department.  Limited Term appointments are for an initial year and can be extended one additional year if necessary (not to exceed two academic/fiscal years).  Position will be posted on the Augusta University Faculty Careers website, USG Applicant Clearinghouse, and on the Inside Higher Ed website if a 30-day posting.
  • Part-time (.50 - .99 FTE)
    Competitive recruitment is required due to benefits eligibility.

Part-time non-benefits eligible and clinical/adjunct (non-paid) faculty appointments do not require competitive recruitment and will be processed via the Template-Based Hire transaction.

Hiring Unit - Assessment of Need for Faculty Recruitment

  • Hiring Unit identifies need to initiate recruitment for a benefits-eligible faculty position.
  • The Faculty Position Description (FPD) form will be required if requesting a new position, activating an inactive position, or if there are any changes to the academic rank or department reporting structure (please include an updated organizational chart).  Information on the FPD include the proposed funding plan, approval signatures related to the funding plan identified, and the maximum salary related to the funding identified.  Please ensure that the Dean/Administrative Officer, as the Cabinet Member, has signed the FPD.  The FPD should be submitted Budget Services located in the basement of the AU Annex Building.   They can be reached at (706) 721-7928.
  • After reviewing Budget Services will forward to HR-Compensation & Performance Management for processing into PeopleSoft HRMS.  HR-Compensation & Performance Management will notify the hiring unit, and copy HR-Faculty Support Services, when the position has been created/updated and provide a copy of the final FPD.
    • Once the funding for the position has been identified/finalized please submit a Distribution Change ePAR to establish/update funding information.  Any questions regarding this ePAR transaction should be directed to the Budget Services office at (706) 721-7928.
  • The Search Committee Chair (SCC) may be named at this point.
    • Identify all recruitment advertising resources and include a resource which is specifically geared towards the recruitment of female and/or minority applicants.  The Augusta University Employee Relations provides several suggestions on their website.  They can be reached at 706-721-7285.

Initiating the Search

  • Hiring Unit initiates the Job Opening Request in PeopleSoft HRMS.  Instructions can be found at http://www.augusta.edu/hr/documents/ps_training/tam/creatingajobopening_erecruit_051515.pdf 
    • External Advertisement (MS Word document).  Please email to HR-Faculty Support Services - either to the specialist assigned to your college or to our email account at HUMANRESOURCES_FACULTYSUPPORTSVCS@augusta.edu.  Please include your Job Opening Number in the subject line.
      • For external/outside advertising, the following information must be included in the ad:
        • Augusta University Faculty Careers website.
        • Job Opening Number/ID - will be established at the time the Create Job Opening is saved by the originator. 
        • Department Name
          • Note:  The hiring unit must ensure that the external advertisement is consistent with the recruitment details included in the Job Opening since it is pertinent to the recruitment of a qualified applicant.  Provides HR-Faculty Support Services with the Word version of their advertisement via email (this is to assist our office in posting to the USG Applicant Clearinghouse and Inside Higher Ed websites).

Job Posting Process

  1. Responsibility:  Hiring Unit -
    Initiate the 'Create Job Opening,' completing all required field as identified in the instructions posted on the Human Resources Division PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System 9.1 website.
  2. Responsibility:  Search Committee Chair or Hiring Unit Representative -  Confirms the external advertising resource(s) - additional information regarding diverse recruiting resources can be found on the OEE website.  Places the external advertisement - Contact Augusta University Supply Chain Management-Purchasing to secure approval if using the P-card.  Krishna Nichols (706-721-9441) is the current point of contact for these transactions or you may refer to the Augusta University Purchasing Manual (pg. 15).
  3. Responsibility:  Supply Chain Management-Purchasing - Buyer Responsible for Faculty Ads -
    Purchasing will confirm position posting to the Augusta University Faculty Careers website prior to assigning a purchase order number or approval to utilize the hiring unit's P-card.
  4. Responsibility:  HR-Faculty Support Services - Sends email communication to all USG Applicant Clearinghouse registrant matches notifying them of the process to apply for a faculty position with Augusta University. Responsibility:  HR-Faculty Support Services (HR-FSS) - Once the job opening request completes the established approval process, HR-FSS will review, update, and post to the Augusta University Faculty Careers website, the USG Applicant Clearinghouse (ACH), and the Inside Higher Ed website.  Full searches do require a minimum of 30 days posted on the Augusta University, ACH and Inside Higher Ed websites unless an exception to th 30-day posting requirement has been pre-approved.
  5. Responsibility:  Hiring College - Faculty Search Coordinator - Oversees progress of all active faculty searches within the college.
  6. Responsibility:  Hiring Unit - Search Committee Chair or Designee -  (1) Coordinates requirements for outside advertising; (2) Coordinates search committee meetings; (3) Screens and identifies qualified applicants based on the position posting; (4) Coordinates candidate's itinerary (e.g. travel, lodging, etc.); (5) Coordinates campus-wide schedule of candidate interviews; (6) Updates the job opening with the interview schedule of invited candidates; (7) Updates disposition status' for all interviewed applicants and ensures that interview evaluations are completed (either through PSHRMS or paper form uploaded into the appropriate job opening); and (8) Makes recommendation of final candidate to the department chair/designee.
  7. Responsibility:  Hiring Unit - Department Chair or Designee - (1) Determines effective date of faculty appointment following review of the appropriate Fiscal Year personnel Action & Payroll Calendar for faculty actions; (2) Contacts the International and Postdoctoral Services Office (IPSO) for guidelines on hiring foreign nations, when applicable; (3) Develops faculty offer letter (see offer letter templates)
  8.  Responsibility:  Dean/Administrative Officer  - (1) Reviews/Approves offer letter; (2) Routes to the Vice President of Academic & Faculty Affairs (VPA & FA) to begin institutional approval (For all colleges/units except the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) and The Dental College of Georgia (DCG)).  Must include the final approved copy of the FPD received from HR-Compensation & Performance Management.  Note:  MCG and DCG submit offer letter directly to the Provost; (3) The VPA & FA will then route to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost (and other units/departments as deemed necessary by the Provost) for review and approval; (4) Provides HR-FSS with a scanned copy of the approved offer letter and the email notification that the Office of the Provost has approved the letter; and (5) Mails the original offer letter to the candidate for original signature of acceptance
  9. Responsibility:  HR-Faculty Support Services (HR-FSS) - (1) Enters the compensation information for the selected applicant, based on the approved offer letter; (2) Uploads the scanned copy of the offer letter; (2) Places the applicant into a 'ready to hire' status; (3) Works closely with the department regarding the requirements for the faculty appointment packet; and (4) Begins the faculty on-boarding/appointment process.