Extra Duty Compensation Process

Extra Duty Compensation for Faculty Policy

Approval must be secured prior to the faculty member performing the extra duty services.

  • Submit a memorandum through the Dean's Office and the Vice President for Academic & Faculty Affairs, to the Office of the Provost describing the need for and time period of the extra duty and listing the faculty member and the amount of compensation to be received. If the request is for multiple faculty for a specific project or temporary need, one request can be completed for all faculty at the beginning of the period of the work. The Provost will return the approved memorandum to the Dean's Office. The Dean's Office, or its designee, will provide an approved copy to the requesting department, Human Resources Division, and Payroll. Individual payments are to be processed using the electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) and may not be approved and processed by Payroll unless a copy of the approval memo is on file.

 When initiating the ePAR for payment, the following instructions apply:

  • Department/College designee verifies that faculty member completed extra-duty assignment.
  • An ePAR will be initiated through PeopleSoft HRMS utilizing the instructions.  It is module #11 'Originating an Additional Pay' under 'Manager Self Service'
  • In the 'Comments' field enter a brief description of the extra duty assignment completed, the date(s) service provided, and a statement that the original approval memorandum is on-file in Payroll.
  • Transaction will automatically route to the appropriate college level approval authority.  Once he/she has approved, it will then automatically route to Payroll.

All ePARs must be submitted according to the published payroll deadlines and will be processed with the next available monthly payroll.  Personnel Action and Payroll Calendars