Faculty offer letter templates

Offer letter templates should be used for all faculty offers (Section Chief and below)

Please note that the offer letter templates for part-time faculty appointments have been moved under Procedures and Institutional Guidelines > Part-time Guidelines

Most recent updates to offer letters are dated 2/1/2024.  Please ensure templates with this date are being utilized.

Standard Offer Letters with Appendices Appropriate to Appointment Type

Limited Term Faculty Offer Letter Templates

Tenure Upon Appointment

Per BoR Policy Award of Tenure, "in exceptional cases an institution president may approve an outstanding distinguished senior faculty member for the award of tenure upon the faculty member's initial appointment; such action is otherwise referred to as tenure upon appointment.

Each such recommendation shall be granted only in cases in which the faculty member, at a minimum, is appointed as an associate or full professor, was already tenured at a prior institution, and brings a demonstrably national reputation to the institution.  If the person is being appointed to an administrative position and has not previously held tenure, the award of tenure must be approved by the Chancellor. (BoR Minutes, August 2007)."

Faculty Offers to Candidates with Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas

Departments: Please contact the International and Postdoctoral Services Office (IPSO) during the recruitment and interview phase to discuss processes on hiring foreign-trained who may need a visa for employment authorization.

Pre-Employment Physicals/Drug Screens