Guidelines for Full-time Limited Term Faculty Appointments

Institutional Guidelines for Limited Term Faculty Appointments

NOTE: The terminology of "Temporary" has been removed and updated with "Limited Term." The Limited Term positions are created or budgeted for some defined period that is expected to be at least six months but that is not expected to continue indefinitely. This is in keeping with the Board of Regents implementation of the Job Categories (BCATs) that were designed to meet IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Survey) requirements and to ensure consistent and accurate reporting across the University System of Georgia.

Approval of the Provost is required prior to making a commitment to fill a vacant position as a Limited Term appointment. An individual may be appointed as full-time Limited Term faculty when:

  • The department has searched to find a qualified, regular full-time candidate but is unsuccessful;

  • the individual cannot commit to a long-term appointment; or

  • a vacancy creates an urgent need to fill a position in order for the services and programs of the department to continue.

Limited Term faculty appointments must go through the faculty action process and requires approval by the President. 

Limited Term positions of 100% EFT must be posted/advertised just like a regular position. Positions expected to exist for more than three years should be established as regular positions."

Limited Term faculty will not be eligible to accrue time in rank for promotion or tenure.

Limited Term faculty positions of at least 75% EFT are benefits-eligible and are appointed with the understanding that the Faculty Recruitment Process will be initiated during the initial period to fill the position on a permanent basis. If a search has not been established, this will delay the extension of or possibly terminate the Limited Term appointment

Limited Term faculty that are not recommended for continuation of employment should be advised that completion of their appointment constitutes the termination of the Limited Term appointment.

Limited Term faculty may apply for regular, full-time positions in accordance with the Institutional Faculty Recruitment Process. If selected as the successful candidate for a regular full-time position, a recommendation through the faculty action process will be required and is subject to approval of the Board of Regents. If the position is Non-Tenure On Track, the time served as Limited Term will not be counted as probationary credit toward tenure.