Living Learning Communities

2020 – 2021 Communities


Housing and Residence Life is excited to offer new and innovative Living Learning Communities (LLCs) for Augusta University students.  These LLCs are comprised of academic and interest-based specific communities.   

Science & Math

The Science & Math LLC is designed to provide a supportive residential learning opportunity to incoming first-year students. The Science & Math LLC is open to students with majors in the College of Math & Science only.


The JAGByte LLC is a dynamic residential experience for incoming freshmen majoring in Computer Science, Cyber Operations, Cyber Security, Cyber Security Engineering, and Information Technology. This LLC provides an environment for students to become leaders in their field by introducing opportunities for personal development, academic achievement, community engagement, and professional development.

Jaguar Jumpstart

Jaguar Jumpstart is a learning community focused on freshman success. Study skills, information literacy, tutoring, and special programs such as speakers, workshops, community service projects and socials are offered exclusively to the Jaguar Jumpstart community.


LLCs are an ideal way to make friends with peers who have similar interests. Research shows that, compared to non LLC participants, students who participate in an LLC have

  • Higher academic success rates
  • Higher college graduation rates
  • An easier time connecting with their peers.

 LLC Participants also enjoy considerable benefits such as the following:

  • Greater academic support opportunities (convenient access to tutoring, supplemental instruction courses, major-focused programming)
  • Frequent interaction with faculty and staff outside the classroom
  • More positive perception of the residential experience
  • Greater connection to the university at large

There is no additional cost for a Living Learning Community. However, some LLCs require students to register for specific classes, class sections, or outside of the classroom activities; please refer to the individual LLC pages for additional requirements

 Students not selected for an LLC, whether incoming first-year or upperclass, have the opportunity to continue general room selection with all other students.

Yes! Students must live on campus to participate in an LLC. Only students who have signed a housing contract will be considered for LLC selection.

Yes! If a student is part of a special population (i.e.: athletes, professional scholars, etc.) and they choose to participate in the LLC, they forfeit their rights to a private suite, and will be placed with other LLC participants in a four-person suite.

No. Students in an LLC will be assigned roommates with other LLC students.