Key Highlights of the Program

  • Individualized programs of study tailored to each student.
  • Progressive techniques taught by expert faculty.
  • Rigorous training at the interface between medicine and basic science with a focus on tumor immunology gives graduates the ability to succeed in academic and clinical research, medicine, and industry.
  • Excellent job placement track record for graduates.


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Molecular Medicine faculty and students are united by an interest in molecular mechanisms underlying disease. Program faculty and students are involved in cutting-edge science especially focused on immunological diseases and cancer. 

While some of our researchers focus on the genes, molecules, and cells that contribute to disease states, others are directly involved in “bench to bedside” work. Regardless of which end of the spectrum interests you as a biomedical researcher in training, there’s a lab for you in the Molecular Medicine Program! 



Yukai He, MD PhD  Program Director

"Welcome to the Molecular Medicine Program, where we focus on the fast-growing field of immunology and immunotherapy. Become a team member to study and manipulate the body’s immune system to fight cancers as well as other diseases. You will be trained to impact patient care through translational research and to become a leader in academia or in industry." 
Yukai He, MD, PhD 

Dr. He is a tumor immunologist in Georgia Cancer Center. He has been focusing on developing cancer vaccines and immunotherapy for solid tumors, such as liver cancers and lung cancers. His latest effort is on developing T cell receptor (TCR) engineered T cells and chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) engineered T cells for liver cancer and lung cancer immunotherapy. These studies are highly translational and some have been moved into clinical trials. Dr. He’s research has been continuously funded by NCI/NIH since 2001. Dr. He and his team consistently publishes their work in the field of tumor immunology and immunotherapy, some are in high impact journals such as “Immunity” and “Hepatology”. Dr He has over 50 peer-reviewed papers that have been cited over 3500 times. Dr. He is on editorial board of Experimental Biology and Medicine and as ad hoc reviewers on numerous scientific journals including Cancer Research, JI, and SITC journals. He has also served on NIH study section and DoD and VA study sections.

In addition to his scientific achievements, Dr. He has been educating PhD students. He has mentored, 2 undergraduate researchers, 11 postdocs and 5 PhD students (3 of them have graduated). He has been on 12 different student advisory committees. Dr. He encourage and help students to apply for training grants.

Program Information

Yukai He, MD, PhD
Program Director


Lisa Middleton, PhD
Program Administrator 
(706) 721- 4566