Upcoming Opportunities to Present Your Work, Presentation Guidelines, and Templates

Presentation Opportunities

Various Discipline Specific Conferences


Across US

The national Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) keeps a list of upcoming conferences that welcome undergraduates. Browse their listings for opportunities in your discipline.


Presentation Samples, Guidelines and templates

1. Create your Poster in Power Point

 2. Select the "Design" Tab. Go to "Slide Size", choose "Custom".  Choose 36" x 42" or another similar size. Decide whether you want your poster to hang Portrait or Landscape orientation.

3. Font and Text Features

  • Arial or Verdana
  • No more than 3 fonts per page
  • No print smaller than 14pt; most print should be 20-34pts.
  • All figures should have captions or text alternatives (describe any image)
  • Do not use directional language (e.g., read below, see the menu to the left). Instead label and or number all figures and tables.
  • Use clear headings to break up content
  • Avoid blank cells in tables

Use the SAVE AS Feature to save your power point poster as a PDF. Do not save your document as a PDF from the Print menu since this will eliminate the accessibility built into the document.


Virtual Presentation SamplesVirtual Presentation

Not sure how to create an virtual presentation?  Browse through these sample student presentations of Augusta University undergraduates who delivered their research orally in a virtual environment.  These videos are for guidance only.  Please look over the requirements for your specific conference or forum and cater that audience.