Augusta University's Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship supports research and scholarly activity by undergraduate students. We provide programming and financial support for faculty-student scholarly collaborations through a wide range of services.

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photo of Dr. Quentin Davis

Dr. Quentin Davis

  • CURS Director


photo of Dr. Alex St. Louis

Dr. Alex St. Louis

  • CURS Coordinator



Faculty Advisory Committee

photo of Dr. Laurence Miller

Dr. Laurence Miller

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Kimberly Gray

Dr. Kimberly Gray

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Donna Wear

Dr. Donna Wear

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Alison Foley

Dr. Alison Foley

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Clement Aubert

Dr. Clement Aubert

  • School of Computer and Cyber Sciences
photo of Dr. Jaclyn Murray

Dr. Jaclyn Murray

  • College of Education
photo of Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

  • College of Allied Health
photo of Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Brian Muntean

Dr. Brian Muntean

  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
photo of Dr. Julie Zadinsky

Dr. Julie Zadinsky

  • College of Nursing


2020-2021 CURS Student Ambassadors

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photo of Gabriella Benavides

Gabriella Benavides

  • CURS Ambassador, Kinesiology major

My name is Gabriella Benavides and I am from Lawrenceville, GA. I am a senior kinesiology major graduating in May 2022. After graduation, I plan on attending a physician assistant program to become a physician assistant. My research with CURS began in Fall 2020, when I chose my topic for my honors thesis. This past summer, I worked in the CURS summer scholars' program. The experience taught me different tips to be successful with undergraduate research. 

photo of Olivia Feagler

Olivia Feagler

  • CURS Ambassador, Psychology major

Olivia is a Psychology major and in the Honors Program.  She is working with Dr. Alan Saul in the Department of Ophthalmology studying diabetic retinopathy.

photo of Hisham Kashif

Hisham Kashif

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major

Hisham Kashif is from Roswell, Georgia and is pursuing a major in Cell and Molecular Biology. After completing his undergraduate degree in 2022, he hopes to attend the Medical College of Georgia. His curious nature and appetite for learning drew him to research while the unique experiences made him stay. 
 Research may seem like a daunting task at first, but it will be one of the most transformative experiences in your undergraduate career. As for advise, never underestimate the power of cold emails to potential mentors and PI’s. If you have any questions or need advise on how to start out in research, you can reach me at

photo of Katherine McCartney

Katherine McCartney

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Psychology major

My major is psychology, and I'm graduating in May 2022. I'm from Lawrenceville, GA and plan on attending medical school after graduating. I wanted to get involved in research with CURS because of the resources they offer, like poster sessions and seminars. A word of advice for those interested in conducting research would be to reach out to a professor and discuss your interest with them!   Please reach out through instagram.

photo of Leslie Duncan

Leslie Duncan

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major

My name is Leslie Duncan and I am a Cell and Molecular Biology major on track to graduate May 2021. I am from Wichita, Kansas but have resided with my family in Savannah, Georgia for the last few years. After graduating from Augusta University with my undergraduate degree I plan to attend Medical School with the ultimate goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I started research with CURS to find a mentor to work with on my honors thesis. A piece of advice I would like to give other students in research is to not be afraid. It can be very intimidating working with such accomplished and experienced mentors, but I have learned they are there to help. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or phone. My email is Welcome to CURS!