Writing Center

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Our Philosophy

The Augusta University Writing Center supports student writers by providing them with one-on-one writing consultations. Our practice is governed by the following assumptions:

  • Every student has a unique learning style and benefits from individualized writing instruction.
  • Every student can sharpen his or her writing skills with hard work and practice.
  • Good writing and communication skills are necessary for academic success, regardless of discipline.

Desired Outcomes

After a single Writing Center session, Writing Center users will have...

  • Learned one new skill.

Over time, regular Writing Center users will...

  • Gain the ability to critique their own writing.
  • Become more confident in their composition skills.
  • Understand the value of drafting and revising.

The Writing Center staff will...

  • Assist all students with their writing, regardless of their discipline.
  • Promote the Center across campus to make students and faculty alike aware of our services.
  • Provide a comfortable and safe place for students to discuss their writing.