The Center for Writing Excellence code of conduct is established to make your experience the best it can be.

These guidelines are in place so that there is a mutual understanding between you and the consultant on what is expected. As the Center for Writing Excellence we want to give you the best experience possible. Understand that when you use the Center for Writing Excellence you agree to the below policies.


Please Note: Failure to observe and abide by this code of conduct may result in revoked Center for Writing Excellence privileges.

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Be respectful and considerate of the writing consultant and the CWE as a shared public space.


Be physically and mentally present during their consultation, remaining engaged and collaborative.


Keep cell phone use to a minimum, keeping phones put away and on silent unless there is an emergency or it is being used as part of the consultation.


Bring all materials needed for consultants to help with the project, including relevant reading materials, prompts, rubrics, pre-writing, drafts, and instructor commentary. The more information a student brings to the consultation, the better equipped the consultant is to help.


Work on just one assignment per appointment unless a substantial amount of time remains after consulting on this assignment.


Come to their appointment prepared with at least one concern they would like to focus on. Consultants are happy to help identify areas of concern, but the student should have an idea of what they would like to work on.


Cancel appointments at least one hour prior to the appointment time (3 missed appointments will result a loss of CWE privileges for the remainder of that semester).


Make only one 60-minute appointment per day (5 sessions per week) unless special permission is granted by the director.


Bring all group members to consultations for group projects. If all group members are not present, then the consultation will focus only on portions of the project composed by the attending group member(s).


Follow all other CWE policies and procedures in order to maintain a collaborative, inclusive, and productive work environment.

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