We offer specialized services to support graduate students and faculty.

Take advantage of our asynchronous online appointments, ongoing  appointments for long-term projects, workshops, and graduate writing groups. Whatever your program or discipline, we’re happy to help you succeed.

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Graduate and faculty writers benefit from one-on-one feedback. The CWE has a special schedule for graduate/professional students, post-docs, faculty, and staff. Book your one-on-one consultations today using our scheduling software, WCOnline.

Look for the schedules labeled "grad/faculty." In-person, live online, and written feedback consultations are available on both the Summerville and Health Sciences campuses. 





Graduate Student Testimonial: CWE Webinar on Publishing

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank the CWE for an incredible workshop.  The information and resources shared were incredibly helpful.  I have bookmarked everything! I especially appreciated how the speakers not only shared their manuscript to publishing experience but shared tips and strategies to be successful."


Graduate Student Testimonial: Writing Group

"Participating in a CWE writing group has been very beneficial, as it helps with accountability. It also helps with breaking large assignments/papers/manuscripts down into management segments. The group is also a source of encouragement and support."


Faculty Testimonial: CWE Webinar on Publishing

"The CWE's webinar provided a good variety of presenters with different levels of experience/expertise. Great tips/resources for how to start writing and stay motivated throughout the publication process."

Long-Term Writing Support

We understand that you may be working on long-term writing projects such as dissertations and articles. It can be helpful to work with the same person on a regular basis for these types of projects. Recurring appointments can take place in person or online based on your availability and preferences.

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Writing And Speaking Groups

Writing and speaking groups are a great way for graduate students and faculty to stay motivated and on task in a supportive community. Joining is easy and participating can take as little time as 10 minutes per week. Click the links below to sign up.

Writing Retreats

Writing Group Starter Kit


You may decide to organize your own writing group rather than participating in one facilitated by the CWE. This starter kit can help you set your group up for success.


Getting Started: Writing Group Basics




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We assist with writing, multimodal projects, and oral presentations for any subject or discipline at any stage in the writing process.


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