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We offer membership programs and services to Augusta University students, employees, alumni and retirees as well employees of campus affiliates and other University of Georgia System institution employees.

Our goal is to help our members improve their quality of life and increase overall fitness.  Whatever your personal wellness goals might be, our team of exercise professionals is specially trained to help you create a plan to reach them.




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Campus Recreation Center

Health Sciences Campus

Student Campus Recreation Center



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Normal Hours


Summer 2022

5/16/22 - 8/14/22

Monday - Thursday






6am - 7pm

6am - 6pm




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Directions & Parking

campus recreation center location   

AU Campus Recreation Center users [including students, members and visitors] will be provided with 2 hours of complimentary parking in Lot 3. Lot 3 is located at 1488 Laney Walker Blvd.


After 5 p.m. [and on weekends] additional Campus Recreation parking is available in any space [including reserved spaces] in Lot 3, and in Deck 4 on Goss Lane. No overnight parking is permitted in Deck 4.


Individuals who are participating in activities at Jaguar Park (Intramural Sports, Club Sports, etc) should use Lot 3 or Deck 4.


Individuals who are picking up or dropping off equipment for the Outdoor Recreation program should park in the 15-minute loading zone in Lot 2 (behind the Campus Recreation Center).


This information is provided as a courtesy to Campus Recreation Center users. The lots and decks referenced above are operated by AU Parking Services. Should you have questions, please contact Parking Services at (706) 721-2953 or visit

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