Chemistry are the fundamental backbone of all science and technology. Emerging fields such as nanotechnology, microelectronics, molecular biology, alternative fuels, or molecular-based computing utilize chemistry knowledge to make further advances.

Most professional and allied health programs such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, and physical therapy require prerequisite courses in chemistry.

A chemistry degree will allow you to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills that are universally sought after by graduate and professional schools as well as by employers. With the demand for scientifically literate college graduates being as strong as ever this indicates that a solid foundation in chemistry is a must to stay on the cutting edge of nearly any science or engineering field.

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Our Chemistry program has a national accreditation as an American Chemical Society (ACS) Approved Program. Many programs openly use ACS approval to assist in recruiting top students. Students often promote on their resume they graduated from an ACS Approved program.

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