Our curriculum prepares students for graduate school and professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and related fields. To enhance professional development and employment potential, faculty members encourage students to participate in undergraduate research opportunities to gain practical experience. Throughout the program students learn how to apply the scientific method to solving problems, designing experiments, analyzing data, and evaluating conclusions.

Major Track Sheets

Creativity, Discovery, Engagement

Programs Designed for Impact


Study the fundamentals of biology in the classroom and in the lab, with specialized opportunities to participate in research in areas including ecology, genetics, microbiology, plant physiology and aquatic biology.


Cell and Molecular

Explore the functions of genes, proteins and cells at the molecular level, and through lab experiences, you’ll learn state of the art techniques like polymerase chain reaction (PCR), genetic cloning and protein isolation. 



Supplement your basic science classes with classes including botany, herpetology, marine biology, plant physiology and animal behavior.


Biomolecular Science - MS

Gain interdisciplinary knowledge of the biological systems and responses to bioactive compounds at a physiological, cellular, and molecular level. 



Dual-degree program earns a BS and Doctor of Medicine in seven years through a partnership with the Medical College of Georgia. 



Dual-degree program earns a BS and Doctor of Dental Medicine in seven years through a partnership with the Dental College of Georgia. 



Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in professional school and demonstrate your competency to admissions committees.

Chemistry Student in Lab

Here For You


All students who wish to graduate with a degree from the department of biological sciences but have not successfully completed 60 credit hours will be advised by the Augusta University’s Academic Advising Center located in University Hall 262. Additionally if you have not completed Biol 1108 Principle of Biology II and Math 1113 Pre-calculus Mathematics you are classified as Pre-Biology Majors. Once a student has successfully completed the above requirements the student is reclassified as Biology major.

Before a student can register for classes, each student MUST meet with their advisor. All pre-biology and biology majors will receive an email from Dr. Griner listing instructions on how to sign-up for an appointment with his/her advisor. It is the student's responsibility to make the advising appointment and to arrive prepared for the appointment.

Who is my Advisor?

An Education Like No Other

The College of Science and Mathematics provides students with strong foundations in the sciences as well as preparation for careers, citizenship, and a life-long love of learning. We are committed to providing experiences promoting scientific inquiry and discovery and dedicated to creating opportunities for intellectual growth and community involvement.