The College of Nursing established the Community Advisory Board (CAB) in 2003 with the mission “to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in working toward improved health for community members.” The board has a special focus on health disparities and advises university-wide researchers on matters of interest to the broader community. 

Recruitment of CAB members emphasizes diverse ethnic and economic perspectives. The CAB is comprised of volunteer members who live and work in the Central Savannah River Area. They are community lay people, leaders, pastors, valued community health workers and interested professionals.

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Community Advisory Board

Julie Zadinsky


What We Do

The CAB is an essential partner in facilitating effective community engagement and achieving Augusta University’s broad research mission. Through bi-monthly meetings CAB members facilitate community-based research by providing guidance, feedback and endorsement of planned projects. As well-informed advisors, CAB members routinely provide their views and opinions regarding proposed community-based projects and often influence decisions that impact the broader community.

The CAB is available to serve all Augusta University faculty and staff. If you are planning a community-based project, we encourage you to present your proposed plans to the CAB for their input. Please contact Dr. Julie Zadinsky, CAB Director to schedule a presentation to the CAB or for any questions.