The Admissions Committee strives to identify and accept applicants who will help meet the health care needs of a widely dispersed and highly diverse Georgia population.

Applicants should have academic ability, personal attributes and interests consistent with the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University's mission of improving health and reducing the burden of illness on society.

MCG students in class
MCG students practicing telemedicine
MCG students in class


Information used to assess academic accomplishments, personal attributes and interests includes but is not limited to the applicant’s:

  • responsibilities prior to application to medical school (e.g., work, providing financial support for family)
  • extracurricular and community activities, experiences shadowing physicians and/or volunteering in a clinical setting
  • ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural background (e.g., income, education level of family members)
  • region of residence with respect to its health professional needs
  • commitment to practice in an underserved area of Georgia
  • letters of recommendation by a premedical advisor, or faculty member, and two personal references
  • motivation and potential for serving as a physician
  • performance in MCG's Multiple-Mini-Interviews (MMI's)
  • performance on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and the CASPer exam
  • college grades including undergraduate, graduate and post-baccalaureate