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Sex hormones interaction with sex chromosomes in Arterial Stiffening: The goal of this project is to understand the role of sex hormones (estradiol and testosterone) interaction with sex chromosomes complement (XX and XY) in vascular biology. The project utilizes four core genotype mouse model that has a mutated Y chromosome (Y-) and translocated Sry (sex determining) gene to an autosome yielding female mice with (XX or XY-) and male mice with (XXsry or XY-Sry). This project elucidates the role of sex chromosomes, sex hormones, and their interaction in arterial stiffening.

photo of Anil Sakamuri, PhD

Anil Sakamuri, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (2022 - present)
  • Investigating the role of sex chromosome complements (XX and XY) contribution to arterial stiffening.




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April 4-7 (APS) The American Physiology Summit was held in Long Beach, CA.

APS Summit 2024

Drs. Anil Sakamuri, Anne Kamau, & Ben Ogola