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Current Students

WonMo Ahn

Mentor: Gabor Csanyi, PhD

Research Project: ACE2-independent internalization of SARS-CoV-2 protein in COPD


Suhib Alhusban

Mentor: Brian Annex, MD

Research Project: Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease


Candee Barris

Mentor: Eric Belin de Chantemele, PhD

Research Project: Origins of sex difference in the mechanisms of obesity-associate hypertension


Maria Blahove

Mentor: Gabor Csanyi, PhD

Research Project: The link between exosomes & cardiovascular diseases. By targeting exosomes in diseased states to better understand the cross-talk between cells during cardiovascular diseases & furthers progression of the disease.


Zsuzsanna Bordan

Mentor: David Fulton, PhD

Research Project: PDZ-Binding Kinase Drives Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscel Proliferation & Vascular Remodeling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension


Zach Brown

Mentor: David Fulton, PhD


Chang Min Lee

Mentor: Jie Li, MD, PhD


Karl Diaz-Sanders

Mentor: Jennifer Sullivan, PhD

Research focus: Sex differences in hypertension to understand the molecular mechanisms within the immune system that regulate blood pressure in males & females under physiological & pathophysiological conditions.


Jaser Doja

Mentor: Joe Miano, PhD

Research Project: Orbiting Myocardin: Finding a Viable Landing Site


Brandee Goo

Mentor: Neal Weintraub, MD

Research focus: Aging increases inflammation & impairs the function of fat tissue. I'm interested in the processes that cause aging of our fat tissues & how they may be targeted to promote healthy aging.


Steve Haigh

Mentor: David Fulton, PhD

Research Project: Pulmonary Arterial hypertension, Cell Death, & Galectin 3


David Kim

Mentor: Neal Weintraub, MD

Research Project: Role of Novel Long Non-coding RNA BAZ1A-AS1 in Neointima Formation in Human Saphenous Vein Graft Disease


Taylor Kress

Mentor: Eric Belin de Chantemele, PhD

Research focus: My research is focused on HIV associated cardiovascular disease & determining how repressed viral protein expression contributes to diseases such as hypertension & atherosclerosis.


Cody Rosewater

Mentor: David Stepp, PhD

Research Project: Investigating the impact of obesity on blood brain barrier integrity & the role of obesity in aromatase expression & its associated pathways.


Hunter Sellers

Mentor: David Fulton, PhD

Research Project: A Model of Sustained Hyperphagia & Obesity in Mice using a Brain Targeting Adneo Associated Virus


Mitchell Shivers

Mentor: David Fulton, PhD


Andrew Speese

Mentor: David Stepp, PhD

Research Project; Reversing Myosteatosis, a Novel Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Obesity


Josue Zambrano-Carrasco

Mentor: Huabo Su, PhD

Research Project: Role of RBX1 in cardiac development & maturation