Lab Personnel

Dr. Modesto Rojas

Modesto A. Rojas, MD

Assistant Research Scientist (2014 - present)

Dr. Rojas is investigating expression/activity of the cholesterol metabolizing enzyme ACAT (acyl-Coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase) as a novel therapeutic target for preventing pathological angiogenesis and promoting vascular repair in models of retinopathy of prematurity.

Grant Support:
(2021 – 2023)  1R21EY032265 NEI NIH  Title: Role of ACAT1 in Pathological Retinal Neovascularization

Tahira Lemtalsi

Tahira Lemtalsi, BA

Research Associate

Ms. Lemtalsi manages the cell biology laboratory and tissue culture facility.



Zhim Xu

Zhimin Xu, BS, MS

Research Associate

Ms. Zu manages the molecular biology lab and transgenic animal colony.




Syed Adeel Zaidi

Syed Adeel Zaidi, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow (2020 – present)




Dr. Wei Xiao

Wei Xiao, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow (2021 – present)






Luke Qin

Luke Qin

First year medical student











Member Activities & News


Drs. Fouda and Shosa

Dr. Fouda and Dr. Shosha

receive poster competition postdoc awards in the VA research week.

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, Augusta.







Drs. Shosa Excellence award

Dr. Shosha

receives award in Excellence in research by a postdoctoral fellow, Augusta University, Graduate Research Day









Drs. Shosa PhD

Dr. Shosha

receives her PhD degree with distinction










Drs. Shosha VDI award Research Day

Dr. Shosha

receives James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute Award, Augusta University, Graduate Research Day.











Drs. Shosa Research Day 2016

Dr. Shosha

receives Excellence in Research in Vascular Biology, Augusta University, Graduate Research Day.