Pediatric immunotherapy is the force that drives our program’s cancer treatment.

The Pediatric Immunotherapy Program (PIP) offers clinical trials to families looking for immunotherapy options for their child with relapsed cancer.

The program has two main elements, a clinical element and a research element. Both elements work together to provide compassionate, cutting edge cancer treatment. Due to discoveries made by members of the research team, our physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are able to implement a pediatric immunotherapy treatment option. Our program’s goal, here at Augusta University (AU), is to test innovative new therapies that can stimulate the body’s own immune system to help attack the tumor after conventional chemotherapy and radiation.

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Pediatric Immunotherapy

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Our clinic is a part of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia (CHOG), located within the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic. The clinic can be found on the third floor of the Medical Office Building. Here you will find Dr. Johnson and his team of clinical staff excited to start this journey of discovery with you and your family.

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Meet NED



NED stands for No Evidence of Disease, valuable words to a family battling cancer. The clever young "PIPster" who named him knew these words would resonate with all PIP patients. A name representing the turtle way. No matter how slow the race, remain steady and never lose hope. NED is sporting the Tryptophan molecule on his shell. This molecule plays a big role in immunotherapy.