Center for Ultrasound Education

While ultrasound technology is not new, the advent of hand-held ultrasound machines with sufficient image quality and affordability is now allowing for the use of ultrasound by a wide range of physicians.This trend will only accelerate in the future, and the ultrasound machine will become as ubiquitous as the stethoscope in the daily practice of medicine. As educators of tomorrow's physicians, we must invest in the future of our students and residents by teaching ultrasound skills and demonstrating the integration of ultrasound into clinical practice throughout their training.This approach will transform medical education and the practice of medicine by augmenting physical skills, improving quality of care, decreasing cost, and most importantly by bringing physicians back to the patient's bedside.

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The mission of the Center for Ultrasound Education is to provide for the advancement and integration of physician-performed ultrasound in each stage of medical education in order to improve the quality of medical education and practice, while also providing quality cost-effective patient care.


To be an internationally recognized leader of ultrasound education for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education. 


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