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The University System of Georgia MD/PhD Program trains students in the research and clinical skills that will enable graduates to translate research findings into clinical outcomes. The synergy created between the outstanding clinical environment of the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Health Sciences University and an uncommon breadth and depth of nationally ranked PhD programs is what makes this a truly unique educational experience.

This seven to eight-year program prepares a diverse group of students who have a passion for medical research and a dedication to serving others for rewarding careers in biomedical research or in academic medicine.

Our highly-personalized program was founded in 2000 and our graduates have become faculty members and are pursuing academic careers at The Mayo Clinic, Emory University, Yale University and the National Institutes of Health. Others are completing residencies or fellowships at Yale University, Stanford University, Emory Healthcare, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Georgia Health Sciences Health System and other prestigious institutions.

Unlike many MD/PhD programs, which adhere to a fixed entry schedule, our curriculum offers greater flexibility, allowing students to enter at various stages of their medical education.

Located in a region famous for its hospitality, you will enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere which fosters interaction among physicians, professors, researchers and students.

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