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The B-STRONG Lab is directed by Dr. Ashwini Tiwari at Augusta University, devoted to improving the health & resilience of families affected by family violence.

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Health Sciences Campus

Pavilion III

Ashwini Tiwari, PhD

B-STRONG Director


Vanessa Emery, MPH

Research Associate



B-Strong Lab Members

Dr. TiwariAshwini Tiwari, PhD
Director, B-Strong 

Graduate from Georgia State University
Research Interests: Reducing health disparities among high-risk and victimized populations in family violence and context
Fun Fact: I love dessert

Sadhana DurbhaSadhana Durbha
Research Assistant

Medical Student
Reserach Interests: Pediatrics, health services delivery to marginalized populations, and intersections between identity and healthcare
Fun Fact: I make jewelry

KitKit Breithaupt, MS
Public Health Analyst

Graduated from Augusta University
Research Interests: Psychology with research in anxiety, trauma, ACE's, physiology, neuropsychology and stress
Fun Fact: I love to bake!

Rushan MominRushan Momin
Research Assistant

Medical Student
Research Interests: Preventive health
Fun Fact: I speak 4 languages!


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