With more than 400 years of combined experience and expertise in brand strategy, communications, marketing, creative services, digital and social media, multimedia production, media relations, operations and digital analytics, the Communications and Marketing team develops compelling content, creative assets and broadcasts to elevate Augusta University’s regional, national and international reputation as a leading research university and health and cyber sciences center committed to success for students from all backgrounds. Using university content platforms as well as paid and earned media, our work raises awareness and engagement; supports increased student, faculty and staff recruitment and retention; and promotes stronger university relationships with alumni, donors, and community and government partners.

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Communications and Marketing

Health Sciences Campus

G. Lombard Kelly Building


Our Team

Brand Communications

Brand Communications is responsible for content development for digital and social media platforms, internal and executive communications, media relations and crisis communications.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast Media oversees livestreamed and recorded broadcasts for academic and athletic events as well as student training through the multimedia development center.

Digital & Interactive Effectiveness

Digital & Interactive Effectiveness oversees analytics and reporting for owned, earned and paid content, project management system support and JagMobile platform support.

Marketing & Creative Services

Marketing & Creative Services creates content for advertising platforms, brand design and management, trademarks, licensing and brand merchandise and photography and videography.

Office of the Vice President

The Office of the Vice President is responsible for strategic planning and management, budget planning and resource alignment, operations management and support.