“This is an important step in our journey to become a comprehensive research university. A lot of our students arrive at Augusta University interested in careers in health care. This will provide a great opportunity for them to be in the middle of the Health Sciences Campus and see what it’s like.”

 - John Sutherland, PhD, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Augusta University

The College of Science and Math (CSM) is made up of biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Each of our majors is supported by a solid instructional program which is enhanced by a robust research initiative. This enriched environment has contributed positively to our students as they progress through their respective degree programs and has been instrumental in attracting new students every year. In fact, we provide instruction to most of Augusta University's undergraduate students -  with 25 percent enrolled in a math or science degree program!

So, what sets Augusta University apart from other Georgia universities? It's the mission of the College of Science and Mathematics to create a learning environment that is not just outstanding but unique - we want our students to DO science, not just study it. That is why our math and science building is centered between the Dental College of Georgia and the J. Harold Harrison, MD Education Commons - Medical College of Georgia, and is connected to our main interdisciplinary research building - the Carl T. Sanders Research and Education building. This set up exposes students daily to "white coats" and grad students who are actively conducting cutting-edge research at our university. Its proximity increases opportunities for faculty and students to conduct collaborative research with other faculty and students in the graduate school. This integrated approach introduces and reinforces the vast possibilities available here at AU and as they consider their future careers.

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Undergraduate students interested in pursuing advanced degrees have the option of participating in AU’s Pre-Professional Studies programs. The programs are designed to guide students down specific career pathways, including advanced medical specialties, dentistry, and engineering.

The Professional Scholar's Program is unique to Augusta University. These programs streamline a students' education so they can receive their Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine (BS/MD) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (BS/DMD) degrees in only seven years. 

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